About Us

Welcome to the Northern California Miniature Horse Club also known as NCMHC.  We are the second oldest sanctioned Club in the American Miniature Horse Association which was incorporated in July of 1978.  We are largest geographic miniature horse club in California with our boundaries stretching from as far south as Bakersfield and Santa Barbara to the Oregon border.  We have a very active membership with members in California, Nevada, and Oregon in the west as well as members as far south and east as Florida.

The NCMHC is recognized as a quality show Club managing three to four shows per year.  From Halter to performance hunting, jumping, and driving the NCMHC members are known for their quality horses.  All our shows offer classes for children of all ages, as well as adult beginners and those with special needs.  We pride ourselves in offering activities for everyone.  But, this is more than just a show club, reaching out to the community for educational purposes as well as medical outreach for therapeutic programs.

The AMHA miniature horse is truly the horse for everyone, the average full grown horse weights 200 to 250 pounds and grows to a maximum of 34 inches at the last mane hair.  It can be handled by children as well as adults of all ages.  They are small but physically capable of long distance trail drives, clearing 44 inch jumps, and smart enough to traverse obstacle courses.

The miniature horse eats about 1/5 that of a full size horse and takes much less room.  They are great as pets, lawn mowers, and wonderful to have around.  If you want to compete or just want a good trail driving horse, or just a pet, come out and contact the Northern California Miniature Horse Club. We have the time and a place for you.

So come on out and join us, have some fun, and experience the great American Miniature Horse.